February 3, 2017

The Doctors

Our doctors have a combined level of experience that adds up to 56 years. We have spent many, many years becoming healers and that experience will be shared with you and your family. Our experience has included Family Practice, Emergency Medicine, and Chiropractic. Our experiences have made us who we are, but more importantly we emphasize the art of medicine with its compassion and understanding; this is what sets us apart from other practices.

Dr. Raphael Kulawik, D.O.

Raphael Kulawik is our medical director. He specializes in Family Medicine and is board certified. Dr. Kulawik received his undergraduate degree from the University of Florida with a BS in Microbiology and Minors in Chemistry and Human Nutrition.  He received his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2010.  Dr Kulawik completed his residency in Family Medicine from Lehigh Valley Hospital Network in Pennsylvania.  He is bilingual in English, Polish and speaks some Spanish. Raphael is a proud family man, finding Renata,the love of his life in Poland. They are the proud parents of two of the cutest twins you will ever see-Jacob and Jackson, who keeps them very busy. Raphael’s medical interest include medical nutrition, a rarity these days in physicians. He is also keenly interested in taking apart everything and fixing anything that’s broken, and coming up with new ways to solve problems.

Dr. Kulawik’s greatest strength is the time and compassion that he puts in with his patients. His patients love the fact that he will listen to them intently and will spend as much time as needed for a complete understanding of the patient, their health, and their wellness goals.

David Hervig, PA-C

David is a Physician Assistant and a man with many hats. Always a medical provider first, he also acts as our one of our office managers and is currently also the marketing director. David was trained in the US Army and spent 12 years in service to our country, learning from the ground up. His career began as a combat medic and finished with a degree as a Physician Associate from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. David also finished medical school overseas in the Czech Republic but decided to concentrate on building this business, never finishing a residency. Emergency medicine trained in the military and with experience with pediatrics to geriatrics, he is very well rounded and knowledgeable.

David has been exposed to many different ways of practicing medicine in the many countries he’s been trained and stationed in, but as his patients will tell you, his compassion and caring for his patients are what set him apart from the most health care providers that patients can choose to see today.

David was also a national champion in springboard diving at the age of sixteen and won awards and championships in wresting, sprinting and pole vaulting, and has over 20 years of experience coaching gymnastics and diving. With this kind of experience and understanding, it’s no wonder that David has a large interest in Sports Medicine. He is currently training to become certified with sports injuries that involve concussion baseline and injury testing. David’s goal is that our office will be a hub for families that are interested in sports medicine for themselves and their children.

Dr. Elwira Kulawik, D.C.

Dr. Elwira E. Kulawik was born in Szczecin, Poland, and her family immigrated to New Jersey when she was 11 years old. She attended St. Adalbert’s Catholic School and Linden High School. She studied Psychology and Russian at Syracuse University in 1987, and she completed her studies at The University of the State of New York with a Bachelors of Science. She attended New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, NY in 1994. After graduating in December 1997, Dr Kulawik opened CNY Chiropractic in Syracuse, NY. She practiced there for 15 years. Dr. Kulawik moved to Venice, Florida and opened her Florida practice in 2014. Dr. Kulawik has joined Ellenton Family Practice Direct, a new integrated family medicine practice in Ellenton, Florida. She also helps to co-manage the office. Dr. Kulawik has 19 years of experience in the treatment of Low Back pain, Neck pain, Mid back pain, shooting leg and arm pain, scoliosis in adults and children. Dr. Kulawik also specializes in Shoulder and Knee injuries.

Techniques used by Dr. Elwira Kulawik are:

• Activator
• Diversified
• Thompson Drop
• Pediatric Adjusting
• Kinesio Taping for Sports Injuries

Doctor of Chiropractic

• New York Chiropractic College, Seneca Falls, NY December 1997
• The University of the State of New York – B. S.
• Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York
• Certified DOT Medical Examiner