Tips for a Happy and Safe Memorial Day


  1. Remember the Real Reason for celebrating today. Millions of Americans celebrate the long Memorial Day weekend as the unofficial start of summer, think mainly of beaches and backyard barbecues, shopping and some sports events. Many veterans and loved ones of fallen military members wish the holiday that honors more than 1 million people who died serving their country would command more respect.

2. Safety of your Food: Refrigerate all perishable foods within 2 hours of being outside, 1 hour if you’re in 90 degrees and above. Don’t cross contaminate your food with bacteria. Keep uncooked meats away from your other food, and cook your meats to recommended temperature levels

3. Watch your Alcohol Intake; If you drink, have someone else drive, please. We want you back healthy and happy, not hurt or arrested with 10-20,000 dollars of fines coming your way and possible loss of Driver’s License. Ouch!

4. Safe Driving! Remember there is someone out there to get you because they are oblivious. Drive Defensively and Protect Your Family.

5. Fire and Grill Safety: Clean grill first and remove excess grease/blockage. Inspect tubes from gas tank if you cook with gas, keep flame (cigarettes) away from gas. No grills in breezeways, garages, porches where fumes can accumulate or be blown into a dangerous fire. Use hand and eye protection. You know who we’re taking to….

6. Swimming, Safety around Water: Alcohol and swimming don’t mix. Lifejackets on boats, DO NOT lose sight or get out of reach of your young children for any time at all. They will do something you don’t expect.

7.Sun Exposure: Sunscreen and drinking plenty of fluids will make you a lot happier tomorrow and the week to follow. Drink Sports Drinks to replace the electrolytes your losing as you sweat in addition to replacing the fluids your body requires.

8.Sports: Stretch before play. If it the first time you’ve played sports this year, Take it Easy. Avoid dehydration, broken/sprained bones and muscles. Have fun but be smart. You’re not as young as you used to be, right?

*Poultry 165 degrees, Hamburgers 160 degrees, Pork and Beef to 145 degrees with 3 minutes of rest time. 


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