Tips for Healthy and Safe Summer 2017


Ah…Summer’s here. We have always loved summer, way back to when it meant we were out of school for 3 months. No longer a 3 month vacation for most of us, these days Summer means family…vacation…picnic’s…and heat! We thought we’d share some of our favorite medical tips to keep your family healthy while you’re having fun. Make Summer 2017 memorable and enjoyable.

Sun. Number One Benefit, and the Number One Enemy! You have to wear sunscreen to keep out the harmful radiation, and you still get to tan. Most experts recommend level 50 and waterproof if you’re going to be out for a good while in the sun and getting wet. And Hydrate! Anybody is at risk for a heat injury. Drink sports drinks to replace fluid and electrolytes. 








Driving. Everybody’s racing to get somewhere. Make the trip about the journey and not the destination. Slow down and of course, wear your seat belts. Children MUST be in approved car seats. The period between Memorial Day and Labor Day are the deadliest time for Teen Crashes on our highways- Beware of the 100 Deadliest Days of the year! No Texting and driving…please


Fireworks. Responsible for 11 deaths and 11,500 visits to the Emergency Department in 2015. July is the worst month for injuries. If you must buy fireworks, be careful and know where your children are at all times. Best bet is to go watch the fireworks show that are put on by the many cities this time of year.    






Mosquitoes are the worst! They can carry diseases like Zika in Florida. Use EPA registered DEET repellant when you are to be outside, and long sleeve shirts and pants protect. WE know…it’s hot! Clean up any puddles of water or damp spots in your lawn.  Playgrounds, Biking and Skateboarding. Great deliverer to Emergency Departments across the US and in Florida. Be Careful, and adult supervision is key. Head Injuries are increasing at an accelerated rate. Helmets are must wear. Don’t let fun turn into every family’s worst nightmare with a head injury.

Helmets prevents the following:

Broken Melons!


Boating. Safety first and ensure everyone has a life jacket. I don’t know about you but if I can’t swim, I don’t think I’d go out on a boat.

Swimming. 9 people a day in the US die from drowning. Protect your young children when they are around pools, AT ALL TIMES. Assume that they will fall into the water, it’s just a matter of when it will happen. Learn how to swim if you don’t know how, and teach your children to swim…have them take drown-proofing classes at an early age.

Pets are family, too.

Your Pets. Remember it’s hot out there. Not only you need to drink more water, your pets do, too.

Have a Great Summer. If you need any medical care, come see us at           Ellenton Family Practice Direct!!


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